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The Allen-Bradley 1734-IE2V analog input module dissipates 0.75 Watts of power at 28.8 Volts DC and it dissipates 2.5 BTU/hour of heat at 28.8 Volts DC. This module uses the Delta Sigma conversion method, and it operates with a DC voltage range from 12 to 24 Volts DC. It also has 2 input channels. The 1734-IE2V analog input module has several status indicator lights on its front panel to help the users. There are indicators for the status of the module itself, the network it is connected to, and the status of the 2 inputs. If none of the status indicators are lit up, this means that the input module is powered off. A steady green indicator light means that the module is operating properly, a flashing green light means the module needs to be commissioned because the configuration process was incomplete, a flashing red light means that a recoverable fault has occurred, a steady red indicator light means that an irrecoverable fault has occurred, and alternating flashing red and green lights means that the 1734-IE2V analog input module is running a diagnostics test.