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The Allen-Bradley 1734-OE2C has 2 single-ended and non-isolated current outputs. Its module operates in a Unipolar mode, consumes 4 bytes, and produces 2 data bytes. Its 2-channel analog output module converts a digital code into an analog output signal. The module resolution is 13 bits ranging from 0-21 mA.

In setting an individual mode, the 1734-OE2C has 2 modes to choose from 0-20mA and 4-20mA (default). It has a default scaling points of 1638 at 4 mA and 8191 at 20 mA. The model has a general status bit set whenever an open-wire happens. The channel indicator blinks red whenever there is an open wire or a loss of field power. The Allen-Bradley 1734-OE2C has an absolute accuracy of 0.1% full-scale at 25 Deg. Celsius. Its accuracy drift with temperature is 30 ppm/ Deg. Celsius. It has a step response of up to 63% of FS is 24 µs and a current conversion rate of 16 µs. The 1734-OE2C has a resistive load on the voltage output that ranges from 0-750 Ohms. Its point-bus current is 75 mA at 5V DC and its power dissipation is 1.23 Watts. The 1734-OE2C’s thermal dissipation is 4.19 BTU/Hr. and an isolation voltage of 50V continuous tested to withstand 2200V DC for the 60s. It has an external DC supply voltage of 24V DC, nominal and voltage range from 10-28.8V DC. It supplies a current of 70mA at 24V DC which includes outputs at 20mA. The 1734-OE2C comes with a 4 key-switch position and a dimension of 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm. It has a mass of approximately 36g.